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Shareholder Rights

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Shareholder Rights and Responsibilities

Protección shareholders have a series of rights and responsibilities as the Company's highest decision-making body. To this effect, we would like to point out several important elements on the matter, which can also be explained in detail in the Corporate Governance Code.

  • Protección S.A. will treat all shareholders and investors equally, regardless of the value of their investment or the number of shares they represent.
  • All shareholders are entitled to participate in the ordinary and extraordinary General Shareholders' Meetings.
  • They are also entitled to receive part of the Company's profits as dividends.
  • They have the authority to make recommendations on Corporate Governance to have access to the nomination and appointment of the members of the Board of Directors and the Statutory Auditor.
  • They also have access to information on the personal and professional conditions of the members of the Company's Board of Directors and legal representatives.
  • They will be entitled to receive information relating to the Company's performance in the report from the Chairman of the Shareholders' Meeting every year.

Protección and Shareholders' Right to Information

Timely and accessible information are fundamental to PROTECCIÓN S.A. Below are the details of the information of Fiduciaria Bancolombia, the entity in charge of providing guidance to shareholders through the  Shareholder Service Center.

There, you can clarify any doubt you may have regarding your shares and the way they are handled at Protección S.A. in person or by phone with the trained and qualified staff available.

For customized guidance, visit the Shareholder Service Center of Fiduciaria Bancolombia, located at Avenida Los Industriales Carrera 48 # 26-85, Mezanine - Fiduciaria Bancolombia S.A. The employee assigned to shareholder service is Rober Flórez García, direct line +57 (4) 404 36 96, e-mail

If your questions can be answered by phone, contact us at +57 (4) 404 24 52, +57 (4) 404 24 53, +57 (4) 404 23 71 and +57 (4) 404 23 62 or e-mail:

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