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What is the Ethics Hotline?

The Ethics Hotline is the reporting mechanism established by Protección S.A., for Company employees or others to report to the organization the occurrence of irregular conduct detected during the course of the activities of the corporate purpose, provided they go against the principles, duties and values related to corporate ethics that must be observed by the employees of the organization or individuals providing services thereto, in the framework of the code of conduct and ethics and the code of corporate governance.

How does it work?

The Ethics Hotline is an e-mail of Protección S.A., by which internal clients (through the Intranet) and external clients (through the website) of the organization can report virtually, freely and respectfully, any conducts they consider go against organizational ethics. Reports are saved and registered for analysis by the company and to open the corresponding administrative investigations.

Who can use the Ethics Hotline?

  • Employees of Protección S.A.
  • Shareholders, affiliates, clients, consumers, providers or anyone detecting fraudulent conduct or acts that go against corporate ethics.

Users of the Ethics Hotline can identify themselves or remain anonymous, if they wish to do so. They have the option of leaving their personal data in the e-mail if they would like to elaborate on the reports they make. The identity of the individuals providing information will be kept absolutely confidential.

Users of the Ethics Hotline shall make their best effort to provide as much information as possible, which will facilitate the internal administrative investigation and the satisfactory conclusion thereof.

What conduct can be reported using the Ethics Hotline?

Any irregular or fraudulent conduct that can seriously affect the organization and corporate ethics.

  • Conducts that go against the values that should guide the activities of the organization's employees

Conducts that ignore the corporate values of consistency, commitment, respect, loyalty, solidarity, humility, empowerment and flexibility.

  • Activities suspected of money laundering and terrorism financing

The activities of Protección S.A. employees and any other individual associated in any way with the Company must be reported.

  • Omission of the duty to prevent and control money laundering and terrorism financing

Employees' failure to fulfill the duty of being committed to the detection, prevention and control of money laundering and terrorism financing at all times, by applying the measures adopted through the Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Risk Management System.

  • Violation of the duty to ensure free and fair competition

Disregard of Protección S.A.'s employees regarding the duty of abstaining from carrying out or participating in any act classified as unfair competition.

  • Failure to fulfill the duty of confidentiality

Conducts that go against employees' duty to maintain the reserve and discretion of the information of the administrator and members, unless they authorize disclosure or it is required by the competent authority based on compliance with legal formalities.

  • Failure to observe the duty of avoiding conflicts of interests

Employees' failure to fulfill the duty of observing the precepts established by the Company on conflict of interest and abstaining from making decisions that can affect the objectivity thereof. Personal interest must be absent at all times in the use of confidential information.

  • Fraud in organizational processes

Any fraudulent conduct in the activities of the business and in the framework of organizational processes.

  • Irregularity in the use of Company assets

Conducts that can damage Company assets, whether by action or omission.

  • Employees' failure to fulfill the obligations and prohibitions in the framework for action.

Violation of the regulations governing labor relations with the Company, such as the Contract of Employment, Internal Rules of Procedure, Code of Conduct and Ethics and the procedures associated with their post.

  • Irregularities during the employment relationship

Conducts that go against the policies of labor relations within the Company (legal and organizational), the policies of the employee's quality of life, the organizational environment on the different teams, occupational health policies and all conducts that constitute harassment at work.

  • Irregularities in employee selection

Any lack of ethics that affects transparency and objectivity in the selection processes of employees for Protección S.A.

  • In general, any conduct that goes against corporate ethics and is associated with the organizational procedures in place to regulate and control the activities of Protección's corporate purpose can be reported.


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